The Tattooed Lady {Freakshow Princesses}

Once her words flowed. Flew even. They ran past teeth and scampered past lips and tongue. As could happen and could only happen her careless words found their way to a thin skinned sorceress. From then on her every thought appeared on her skin. Black and unmistakable. Even behind her veils her skin betrayed. 

Poetry, a new fairytale, and an oil painting by Monica Michelle

Would you save me?

If I asked you?

If I needed you?

If I followed you down where rabbits go?

Across an ocean?

Would you save me if I climbed to the highest tower and faced down a well meaning dragon?

Would you save me if I waited a thousand years with my eyes closed and only the spiders for company?

Would you still save me if I no longer knew your face? If I forgot what I needed saving from?

Poetry of the drowning

tell me you love me

because I am drowning

It never needed to be true

I am the only one who needs to believe

Tell me you love me because it is a salve,

a talisman against the World

against my own head

Tell me you love me once

Like you could mean it.

Poetry and Anime

When I say I miss you

Which I do

Quiet when the house is sleeping

When only ghosts are listening

It is with longing and it is true

It is the long way round to

I miss me

The one you reflected

Reviled and held

I miss the me that curled into your side

The one who held voice

Rage and opinions

The me that walked

The one who left

The me that could have stayed

But didn't

That me

I miss the her you had known

I miss you

But that is half the lie

And the entire truth.

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