Downtown Los Gatos Nurseries....and Ducks!

I escaped from the family. Read previous post on Sierra Toy Soldier company trust me they were all happy and I left on semi-rational adult in charge. I said one store but I think my husband was aware enough to know that was a complete lie. I had seen plants and I will admit to a small hoarding problem. So here is where we come to a darling flower shop with a store duck. Nope, not kidding. Not taxidermied. Real swimming in the sink duck. 



For my I desperately miss Paris moment I found the most darling/lovely hideaway nursery. If the girl and boy from Secret Garden grew up, moved to Los Gatos and started a nursery this would be it!

I might have been a little late getting back to family given that the owner of Natural Creations is so incredibly charming and fun to chat with.


Natural Creations