How to survive the 2016 Election through books


I'm off topic. I know and this one is just for the grown-ups. This is a non-partisan list of books for a small get away and a touch of perspective.

For those of us shivering from non-stop 24-hour news cycles

When Breath Becomes Air
By Paul Kalanithi

To be fair I will look for ANY excuse to recommend this book. I go from a normal mother, writer, illustrator, pet mama to rabid grab you be the lapels READ THIS BOOK NOW in less than sixty seconds. Ok, normal is stretching it. In all seriousness be you voting for him or her this book distils life and what is important (I promise you it is not facebook wars). This man's reasoning behind what he decides and when and the lives he affected will give you pause.

For the teen or preteen sick to death that they can not vote and can only scream into the void that is social media what they would do differently (if I have any teens reading this blog first thank you second please for the love anything you hold dear understand that grammar spelling and I are not friends. Please don't judge. Oh by the way even those of use who can vote feel EXACTLY the same way)

OK, everyone just go out and buy this book. If you have ever felt helpless and unheard. If you think you need to do more than tweet and yell at nameless people on screens start here with this book. Also good for you for getting angry. Apathy can be so much worse. Read about this young woman's way of dealing with opposition and start hoping that all of us can hold her courage, grace, and forgiveness with each other.

For the littles who know that something is going on when the adults are biting their nails and are curled in fetal position.

A good lesson for us all. We are not so different from each other and maybe if we stopped drawing lines in the sand we might be able to come to some helpful conclusions. 

That's it. Please feel free to recommend your own books in the comments. Just remember to be thoughtful and caring enough to make these books proud of you. Now to quote an age-old philosopher "Be excellent to each other."

Monica Michelle