3 Best Ballet Picturebooks

Here are the three best ballet picturebooks. As an ex ballerina I have to say my favorite is Swan. The illustrations are gorgeous. 

The Kitten is Having None of Your Shenanigans

Awww a kitten with an attitude! I can't resist!

Many of you know that once upon a time in my old not so sick life I use to be a professional Menlo Park newborn photographer. Here is my little very over it all black and white kitten photo. Check out the new show his kitten mama is putting together Kitten 911

Welcome Summer Flowers on the Mini Farm

Most of my frustrating moments are cut short with a quick stroll in the garden. After a frustrating day when my wrist would not cooperate with my wanting to draw I was treated with these lovelies. 

Snuggle Bunny Bedtime Picture Book is Almost Ready!

My newest bedtime story is almost ready for your family. I am so excited and very proud. Snuggle Bunny is a song I use to sing to my children back when they would let me sing without eye rolls. 

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Audrey Hepburn Amazing Women In History

Audrey Hepburn fashion quote in my women crush Wednesday?

A quote about elegance can, of course, be about style but I see it as more of a statement about how to live one's life.

To live with elegance is to live with simple kindness. Audrey Hepburn was a woman who radiated compassion and kindness. What can you do today to show your kindness?

Sleeping Baby Bunny on the Moon Watercolor

Sleeping baby bunny on the moon watercolor illustration,

is for my newest bedtime story, Snuggle Bunny! 

See how I illustrated a sleeping baby bunny using an iPad app, procreate.

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Baby Bunny Children's Book Illustration (or what I do when woken up early by my baby direwolf).

Baby Bunny Children's Book Illustration (or what I do when woken up early by my baby direwolf). Saturdays are suppose to be for sleeping in, unless you happen to be the puppy parent of an 82 pound puppy. If you happen to have such a creature sleeping in takes a back seat to snuggle time which is half affection half throwing wet nose in one's face.  

Since I was up and I am trying to finish the artwork for my newest children's book Snuggle Bunny I thought I would get the bath time illustration finished.