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My power chariot

My power chariot

As the writer and illustrator I want to say hello and to let you know a little bit about how Penelope and Beatrice came about.  You might notice the very cool and fast wheelchair. I have a health condition that made me change things up this year. As I was wondering what I was going to do with my new found time my best friend and mom pointed out that I love history, drawing, and children. This leads me to my second and very important point. This book is a thank you to some very special women in my life. They inspired me and taught me. You will see their names pop up as characters in the books but indulge me for a moment and you will learn where Beatrice and the librarian get their names.

My Auntie Bea is always with me even though she passed a few years ago. She had an insatiable curiosity for the world. She was well known in the Parks and Recreation department of Alameda  and Girls Inc. She traveled the world and lived the motto Purpose and Possibility. As she taught me purpose and possibility I think Beatrice will do the same for Penelope. 

The librarian Miss Mabel is named for my grandmother. She was the brightest woman and a wonderful writer. Her curiosity pulled her to teach herself everything from languages to Shakespeare. I couldn't imagine a better guide for Penelope's adventures.

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Of course there are my two favorite woman and woman to be. My mother who pushes me and tells me I can do this and to my baby girl who insists I be an adult even while she reminds me everyday how much fun it is to not adult.

Thank you for indulging me and reading about some of my favorite people. When you are heading out on an adventure it is important to take a map to see where you started. This is my map and these wonderful people are where I and Penelope and Beatrice started.

So sign up for the newsletter, read the blog, please say hello in the comments, and very importantly grab Beatrice's paw and DON'T let go.

Monica Michelle

writer and illustrator

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