Miss Beatrice: An introduction to Penelope's best friend and protector

Miss Beatrice

Beatrice is a most special bear and friend to Penelope. She came to Penelope from Penelope's favorite aunt Katheryn. She was charged with Penelope's safety and companionship on all adventures.

Beatrice's likes and dislikes

Likes: Honey but very much dislikes sticky paws. It is a constant battle of enjoyment  and consequence.

Winnie the Pooh is one of Beatrice's very favorite book but she does feel Pooh's world view would be greatly expanded with some travel.

She very much enjoys a game of scrabble with Penelope and her mother Emma. She and Penelope make a formidable team. Beatrice does not enjoy tag. She has found that there is a level of distraction during the game that leaves her left in the most open spaces.