Golden Retrievers, A Wedding, and A Maharaja

I am not sure when I have written a more interesting blog title but here it is one of the more entertaining stories I have found while researching for my newest book Penelope and Beatrice Get a Dog.

The Majaraja of Junagadh hosted a very lavish wedding for Bobby and Roshanara. The happy couple were perfumed and bathed (thankfully). The bride was lovely in an ornate coat and lovely necklace. We can assume her reddish golden coat shone. The groom was dashing in a embroidered silk cumberbund, golden bracelets, and a gold necklace. He was escorted to the ceremony on an elephant with 250 canine companions each dressed in jeweled brocade. 

That my friends is how a wedding for two royal dogs should be.

Monica Michelle

writer and illustrator for Penelope and Beatrice series