First Penelope and Beatrice Book Will Be....

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Penelope's mother is very impressed with Penelope's behavior. She has been doing all of her chores (with very little complaining), she has not lost a single library book, and very importantly she has taken excellent care of Beatrice. It might just be time to get a puppy!

Come with Penelope and Beatrice where they will look into the royal history of  three types of dogs. The very playful pug (great protector of royal households), the King Charles Spaniel, and of course the Corgi. Which one do you think Penelope and Beatrice should choose?

Book coming in early 2016!

Please keep reading the blog. I will be updating you on some of the great histories, drawings, and other fun facts while I write and illustrate Penelope and Beatrice: The Royal Dog.

 I hope to hear from you soon in the comments section

Monica Michelle

Writer and Illustrator