Mermaid watercolor painting {fairies of Versailles}


Every five years there would be a Carnival, the fairies would hold for the royal court. Some would think, especially if they happen to be walking amid the tents taking in the marvels, that this was all for them. A fairies gift. Fairies gifts while full of marvel, do have their dangers, for those uninitiated or unprepared. Those whose minds were better left untroubled would often forget the events as a vivid dream or a particularly lavish costume ball. This was mostly enough protection for the average human mind unless of course, a human was unlucky enough to fall in love with one of the fair folk. It could happen in a matter of moments. Just looking in a still pond, catching site of opal fin the same changeable blue-green colors as her eyes, and the heart can burn. All previous promises could sink to the depths of the waters. The bond, however strong, could not last more than the night. The human would wake fidgety and unfulfilled. Something they needed desperately would remain unnamed and absent. Many a spinster or confirmed bachelor would be made on the night of the Fair.