Fairies and Dachshund Puppies



The fairies of Versailles were especially helpful to the pampered and very bored dogs of the great lord and ladies. When the pets would wander to far into the gardens a helpful sprite might catch a ride and in return give the lost pup directions. This became an almost transit system for the fairies and created a beneficial and amicable relation between canine and the fair people. 

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This little guy started this morning when I checked my instagram account (follow me here)

I had just started following an amazing feed of  Carla Bethany and fell in love with a picture of her darling baby dachshund. I happened to mention how much I would love to draw her puppy and when she asked it just seemed like way too much fun!

Video of how I illustrated the dachshund puppy. Thank you Procreate. My favorite art app for Apple