Nadia Popova The Night Witches {Woman Crush Wednesday}

Night Witch

If you have ever wanted a woman to look up to you will have to look up. Nadia flew with an amazing group of women from Russia who were called the Night Witches.

*Nadia flew 850 missions in one night she flew 18 missions.

*She received the Hero of the Soviet Union, one of the highest honors.

*She was one of the first to volunteer for service.

*The plane she and other Night Witches flew were two-seaters made of plywood and canvas.

*Nadia was 19 when she joined and became of the most celebrated of the Night Witches.

*She was born in 1921 in the Ukraine. Before a plane landed near her home and she met the pilot, Nadia had wanted to be a teacher or a doctor.

*She began flying at 15

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