5 Things to Know About Queen Victoria and Her Pets

1. Queen Victoria had the first dachshund breed in England given to her in 1845 and was named Dackel. Dackel became much appreciated when it pounced and killed a rat in front of Queen Victoria (she had a rat phobia).

2. One of the Queen's last visitors was her Pomeranian named Turi. 

3. Queen Victoria's favorite Cavalier spaniel, Dash, made the breed so popular that by 1841 there were over 5,000 of the pups in London alone. 

4. Of the many legacies that Queen Victoria left England her devotion and love of animals shaped British policy and shifted the nation into a reputation for their kindness and affinity for animals. She even helped shape laws that would protect animals. 

5. Queen Victoria and Albert loved animals so much that at its' height they had 88 pets. 

I am absolutely in love with the new PBS series Victoria (there might be a touch of my Dr. Who fan girl in this). It is a lovely series and sent me right back to my research books from when I wrote Penelope and Beatrice: Royal Dogs. 

Most of these facts come from Reigning Cats and Dogs