Jocelyn Bell Burnell {Women in History You Should Know}

If we assume we’ve arrived: we stop searching, we stop developing.
— Jocelyn Bell Burnell


Is there something you have ever wanted so much you did not care if you were going to be the first to do it? 

Imagine going to a school where you are the only woman. Now imagine if every time you walked into a classroom every boy in the class would stamp their feet, whistle, and bang their desk. Every Time You Went To Class. For Two Years!

Jocelyn Bell Burnell did not have to imagine. That was her life for two years. Her discoveries and observations on pulsars {spinning stars made of neutrons} were made using a telescope she helped build. How amazing would that be? How fun and challenging to build a tool to make scientific discoveries?

The research and data she and her male coresearchers discovered were published. This might be a point when you start asking yourself, why you never heard of this amazing woman. The men who had researched alongside Jocelyn Bell Burnell won a Nobel Prize for the research. Jocelyn Bell Burnell was not mentioned.

Instead of giving up she moved on. In 1999 she was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Jocelyn Bell Burnell served as the President of the Royal Astronomical Society and became the first female president at the Institute of Physics.