3 things to know about Dr. Angela Davis

Welcome to the first part of the Penelope and Beatrice history series of those who were warned, given an explanation yet persisted.  

The first resilient person who was warned, was given an explanation, and yet she persisted: is Dr. Angela Davis.


Imagine living at a time where your skin color decided where and if you go to school.

Thank about what it would be like if you go to march for civil right with your friends and girl scouts! That would be the best badge ever to get!

What would it be like to be asked to leave your job because of your deeply held belief.

Read about three things you might not have known about a teacher, writer, and an amazing activist Dr. Angela Davis. 

1. Angela Davis was born in the 1940's and went to a segregated school. 

2. Angela Davis credits the Girl Scouts in part for her introduction to protest. As a Girl Scout, she marched and picketed in Birmingham Alabama to protest racial segregation. 

3. Governor Ronald Regan urged UCLA to fire her for her political beliefs. Dr. Angela Davis fought and was reinstated but was fired again for "inflammatory language." In 1970. 


Monica MichelleUC Santa Cruz