Monday Motivation {Creativity Kick Off}

Creativity Boost Exercise 

This is my favorite game to jump start my creative brain. It is a game called 10 impossible things. It takes only a few minutes and it wakes up your brain to solve any kind of issue.

The way you play is to come up with an impossible topic and try to come up with 10 things you would see, find, hear, or taste. If playing with someone else just take turns.

Here is this week's topic: A Fairy Circus

I'll even start you off 

1. A fortune teller who has a sign outside her tent saying est. 3AD. Her crystal ball contains what looks to be a galaxy. Her tent smells of flowers from last spring. Her gown shifts color in shades of the peacocks roaming outside. You feel your heart beat behind your teeth. 

2.....perhaps an animal or creature? a ride that could only exist in fairy?

One and Only Rule: Be patient with yourself. This might feel frustrating and very unnatural but you just need to keep practicing. Oooops two rules. Do not judge yourself or your answers!

Feel free to comment. I am right in the middle of writing Fairies of Versailles and I might end up using some ideas.