Amelia: Floating Bookstore Owner {Penelope & Beatrice's World}

Amelia is many things. She is the mother of Eloise, she is a tea addict, she has a goldfish named Moby and tabby cat named Ahab, and she runs one of the most magical bookstores that has ever dared to exist. When Amelia and her husband Stephan came back from Paris they both knew that they wanted to run a business. It turned out that it would be separate businesses divided by a street. On land, Stephan runs the towns Patisserie with scones that would make a Parisian almost smile. Amelia runs Shakespeare's Sister a bookstore in a houseboat. One can come in and meander in two tight aisles for written treasures. The store has more of a collectors feel than a store but that suits most of Amelia's customers just fine. Her daughter Eloise, and Eloise's best friends Penelope are frequent guests and Amelia is always ready with a book, a cup of peppermint tea, and a cushion to sit outside dip your toes in the water all while reading your newest favorite book.