Maria Rasputin 5 Things to Know {Amazing Women in History}

Imagine a life that would take you from the countryside of Siberia to the palaces of Russia to fleeing to the circus and a new continent. There was no way to have anything resembling a normal life for the daughter of "The Mad Monk" Rasputin 

1. Parents were peasants in rural Siberia, but her father became one of the most powerful men in Russia, the Mad Monk Rasputin. 

2.  While she was a child her father became very close and influential with the royal Romanovs. Maria spent a lot of time in the palace and became close with the royal children.

3. From palaces to service. To support herself after her father died Maria escaped to Europe where she worked as a lady's maid. 

4. In 1935 Maria joined Ringling Brother's Circus as a wild animal trainer. 

5. During WWII became a riveter in a shipyard.