5 Things to know about Emilie du Chatelet {Woman Crush Wednesday}

Love of learning is the most necessary passion...
— Emilie do Chatelet

Heading up amazing women in history who rocked STEM centuries before STEM was a thing is...

Emilie du Chatelet 1706-1749 Mathematician and Physicist

  1. Corrected Newton's idea that energy was proportional to velocity. This helped Einstein's very famous equation.

  2. Contributed to the study of kinetic energy and energy transfer.

     3.In 1737 she was far-seeing enough to foresee what we now know to be infrared radiation.

      4. She Spoke 6 languages.

      5. Emilie had a flair for gambling (a popular activity of the time) nd used her winnings to buy books and fund her experiments.


Remember ALWAYS be curious!