Claire {Penelope & Beatrice Characters}

Claire is a very proud mom of two wonderful girls. Both of her daughters are all grown and have moved back to the same town Claire has lived in since her daughters, Emma and Mabel, were little. Mabel has grown up to become the town's librarian and has recently become engaged to Jeff, an environmental activist and professor. Emma who is Penelope's mother spent time in New York as a professional ballerina. She now lives in a small cottage on her mother's farm with her daughter Penelope, Penelope's best friend and teddy bear Beatrice, and their new pug Marie. Emma helps out on the farm and now that Penelope is in school, she is starting to think about opening her own dance studio in town. Claire could not be happier and enjoys all of her girls. She is especially enjoying teaching her granddaughter about gardening, animal care, and is impressed with Penelope's skill at pie making.