Lady of Light & Wishes {Fairies of Versailles}

It was whispered amongst some serving girls and the ladies who knew enough to ask and tolisten to the wisdom of those who served, that there was a maiden of incredible youth and beauty, though she had lived long before humans had ever walked over the marshes of Versailles. Her presence could be called upon for reasons of the upmost import. The reason itself mattered little; only the need in the heart of the one who wished it. She had been said to appear to the Queen over matters of a much needed Prince just as a five year old duchess might claim she had appeared to heal a wounded bird who's broken wing had much distressed the royal child. It is not to say she only appeared to royals. Her glowing and shining gifts and presents could be bestowed even in the marsh cottages though they would never speak of such things. What would you wish for with all of your heart?