Claire Heliot Lion Tamer {Women in the Circus}

Women in the circus have a long history,

but the lion tamers have always fascinated me. Women were the first to develop lion taming techniques not using intimidation, but using their relationship with the animal. Claire Heliot was one of those unforgettable women in circus.

1. Claire Heliot began her career as a keeper at the Leipzig zoo at the end of the 1800's. 

2.Claire Heliot was famous for her lion taming trick of picking up a 330 pound lion and placing him on her shoulders and walking in a circle. 

3. In 1898 Claire Heliot toured the world with her lion taming act. 

4.  After an injury she received in the ring Claire retired to a little farm in Stuttgart to raise horses.

5. After Claire Heliot dies an admirer left a stone carving of a lion at her grave