A Mermaid at Versailles

There was a memorable festival at Versailles. It was a playful nod to the older water gods. The church was not thrilled and after the festivities very little was spoken or written about it. Just one more unforgettable party among so many. Not that it was regarded so frivolously by all. The next morning and many thereafter a stranger appeared in the grand fountain and in the waterways surrounding for many months. She was a stranger and utterly charming by all who were observant to look below the shimmer of the sun on the water.


She followed no fashion but her own. Her hair was the color of the depths of the sea on a fair day and only her left eye was very visible. Some were brave, especially the young and asked after the mystery. Her answer changed and shifted with the waves. Some swore she had given it for the ability to sing, to love, or to win at every card game. The youngest was certain she traded it to a shark for a priceless pearl.


Before long she was no longer seen or at least no one spoke of it or they forgot how to see the one eyed mermaid.