5 Things to Know About Tasha Tudor {Women Crush Wednesday}

I haven’t any modesty about my garden. I’ll boast like mad.
— Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor will go down in my book as, what I want to be when I grow up. She is remembered as a prolific children's book illustrator (almost 100 books), an amazing gardener, and for her uncompromising lifestyle of living, dressing, and gardening as if she were in the 19th century. 

  1. Tasha Tudor was born with an entirely different name, Her father was in love with the book War and Peace and renamed her Natasha which became shortened to Tasha.

  2. Her Vermont farmhouse was built by her son in the 1970's by her son using only hand tools.

  3. Her favorite dog was the Corgi and she would have up to 14 of them at a time.

  4. Bought her first farm animal at 15 using her teaching money. She bought a cow.

  5. Loved being barefoot.

You can visit Tasha Tudor's farm twice a year if you find yourself near Vermont.

Books Illustrated By Tasha Tudor