Thank you to the Dr. Who Liked My Art Today

I just had the nicest and most unexpected compliment about my art today. Even at 40ish I still delight in praise, a bit embarrassing but so very true. I was at my Drs. (ridiculously common experience when you have Ehlers Danlos) She had asked how I've been doing and I showed her my latest project: The Secrets of Disney Princesses. She was so impressed she passed my iPad to some of the other Drs. who came into a VERY small room just to say how much they enjoyed.

Moral of the story: if you see art you like, be it in life or on the web, say so. As long as it does not require a Ouija board, your kind opinion can really turn around a difficult day. 

If you are curious I make all of my art on my IPad using art apps Procreate, Adobe Sketch, and for typography I use Wordswag. I also often post videos of the step by step on my Youtube channel.