Gypsy Illustration {Fairies of Versailles}

I think my fortune teller is all finished! You do not want my gift You really do not want my answers. You only pay me to tell you that you are right. You only want to know that you should keep on your path and all will be well. That is our pact. The fair exchange of coin for the calm you could not find in the mist, under the priests' hands, or imbibing the body of your god. We make a small promise to each other. If I like you, if you are kind, I will keep my side. If I do not, if you simper and snicker, I might just tell you the truth. If I really dislike you I might rearrange the cards and walk into the circle of oak trees on the darkest hour of the new Moon with a poppet made of my disdain and one of your hairs. Do not worry I have only done that once in a hundred or so years.