5 Things To Know About Nicole-Reine Lepaute {Women in History to Know}

Long before computers Nicole-Rein Lepaute was born to study the stars centuries before other people would even be able to consider flight. Nicole was born in 1723 a time when she would be considered very fortunate in gaining an education.

  1. Nicole married a royal clockmaker, Jean-Andre Lepaute, at 26. The couple constructed a clock with astronomical function.

  2. Nicole was a member of the French Academy of Science where she submitted her and her husband's clock which was inspected and accepted.

  3. The work she originally did with Alexis Clairault closely predicted the return of Halley's Comet. Clairault attempted to dismiss Nicole's work on the project. Eventually and an article published by Jerome Lalande fixed this.

  4. Nicole continued to collaborate with Clairault for 15 years on the annual guides for astronomers and navigators. 

  5. Has an asteroid and Lunar crater named in her honor.