A carriage for dogs pulled by a cat in Versailles (can you believe it history)

There are some stories that are so amazing Penelope feels like she should go to Miss Mable, the librarian,  to find other sources to make sure the story is true. This story sounded so crazy it made the golden retriever story sound almost boring.

When Penelope and Beatrice were researching royal dogs they came across a story about the duc de Chatres in Versailles who had a miniature carriage. That would have been very interesting, the really crazy part was that the carriage carried dogs and was pulled by a CAT! 

Miss Mabel the librarian agreed this was a story that would need further research before believing it. Miss Mabel did have to go to the adult section and sure enough found the description in a reliable source.

Author and Illustrator's note: This was one of my favorite stories I found. I did do extra research and actually found the story backed up in a letter written by the duc's grandmother. Much to my disappointment there were no illustrations of this event so I took MANY liberties with the drawing.

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