Learn to Write With Creative Writing Prompt: The Question to Ask Your Character

One of the best pieces of advice I have gotten about creative writing is that your first paragraph should be an introduction to your character. This is a great place to get your readers to care about and anchor themselves to your story. 


To be able to write this you need to know what motivates your character. You are the genie in the lamp that your character has rubbed. The wishes can be anything but there are only 3. 

1. What do they want so they appear a certain way to other? (Is it physical? Is it a royal title? Is it invisibility? Is it self sacrifice?) 

2. What do they want right now? (A castle? An Army? They best food? The bully to turn into a mangy hamster?) 

3. What do they want forever? (A pocket always full of money? A voice that charms? A pet dog that can grow as big as a mountain or become small enough to fit in a jacket pocket? 

4. OK I lied. There are four but the fourth wish is yours for your character. Now that they have chosen it is your job Oh Mighty Writing Genie to decide what this means for them because you are going to grant them the wish they can't begin to say out loud. Think of it this way if the first wish is about what they want this wish is about what they need. 

That's it! Feel free to use this anytime just to get out of a writing rut or even as a Monday morning wake up your creative brain exercise. Oh most important part



If you are having trouble thinking of a character feel free to look at these Fairies of Versailles for inspiration. What would a trapped fairy want? What would her captor want? The mouse in a sugar bowl? What does he need? To get out or stay forever in an eternally filling sugar bowl? Enjoy!